Spinning is the twisting together of drawn-out strands of fibers to form yarn, and is a major part of the textile industry. The yarn is then used to create textiles, which are then used to make clothing and many other products. There are several industrial processes available to spin yarn, as well as hand-spinning techniques where the fiber is drawn out, twisted, and wound onto a bobbin.


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Carpets and rugs have long been considered as part of Iranian industry and textiles. The oldest carpet of the world ever discovered is the Aryan carpet with Achaemenid noble painted carpet also known as Pazirik, found in the grave of one of the Scythian rulers in the Pazirik valley in the mountain range of the Siberian Altai. The researchers believe that the carpet is from the tissues of the Parthians and the Medes and related to the Achaemenid period. For a long time, there are many different people working in the textile and carpet industry in Iran, Rezvan Textile Company is one of those many companies.

The company operating today in the name of Rezvan is actually the resault of the efforts of a man who started his bussiness in Tehran, Iran. Then Mr Gholam Hossein Farzin -his son- Founded Rezvan Textile Company to continue his fathers way.

Our Very Basic Products

Acrylic fibers are synthetic fibers made from a polymer (polyacrylonitrile) with an average molecular weight of ~100,000, about 1900 monomer units. For a fiber to be called "acrylic" in the US, the polymer must contain at least 85% acrylonitrile monomer.

Acrylic is lightweight, soft, and warm, with a wool-like feel. It can also be made to mimic other fibers, such as cotton when spun on short staple equipment. Some acrylic is extruded in colored or pigmented form; other is extruded in "ecru", otherwise known as "natural," "raw white," or "undyed".

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